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Title: Hello Cousin
Author: horrorfangirl
Pairings: Joan/Sherlock (ELEMENTARY), Sherlock/Molly (BBC SHERLOCK)
Written for meredydd and holmestice Summer 2015.
Original Beta: foreverbooks
Summary: What if in season 3 of BBC SHERLOCK, Sherlock Holmes decided to leave London, where would he go? To visit his cousin the 'other' Sherlock Holmes of course!
Timeline: End of Season 3 of SHERLOCK and mid season 2 of ELEMENTARY
Word Count: Overall 3,021. This chapter? No idea.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters they belong to their respective creators/networks. No copyright infringement is intended with this story.
Rated: Teen

A/N: For most of this story the Sherlock from ELEMENTARY will be called "Billy" while the one from BBC SHERLOCK will be called "Scott" (to each other) while Joan will still call her Holmes "Sherlock". His cousin will be known as Scott or Mr. Holmes.

Chapter 1: Two Men, One NameCollapse )
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Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller

Review The Oscars.

Right so last night I watched the Oscars and while I found Neil Patrick Harris hosting abilites to be somewhat limited I found that I did actually enjoy the show. From Lady Gaga's  tribute to The Sound of Music, to seeing the result of the best picture (Bird Man). (Honestly was anyone surprised to hear that?)

For me the best speech of the night went to the screen writer of the Immatation Gam It was so heartfelt. Not that the others weren't just as memorable in there own way. They were, but I connected with his speech alot more. And although the show did seem to take longer then usual. I didn't get to bed until sometime around 12:30 am, but I think it was worth it.
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Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller

My thoughts on the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Ok so, I just finished watching the SAGA. And is it just me or is anyone else disappointed with the Best Cast in a Motion Picture? I mean honestly out of the films they had to chose from the voters pick BIRDMAN!  Serously? You had The Theory of Everything, The Inmation Gamehell;  you even had Into The  Woods and Boyhood for God's sake!

But no! You had to show just how hip you are by choosing the latest thing in comic adeptations, which wouldn't bother me so much if the trailar made the film seem more interesting then just about some has been actor wanting to one last shot at playing the hero.

And as much as I like Keaton I still have zero desire to see it because for me it looks a bit stupid.
I'd rather see the other films I mentioned earlier before I even considerseeing Birdman.

Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller

Doctor Who Fanfiction: Seventy-Five Percent Honest

Title: Seventy-Five Percent, Honest
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Doctor asked Clara one question, what is her answer, and just how truthful will she be?
Set during the ending of Mummy On The Orient Express. Season 8 episode 8.
Paring: Twelve/Clara
Disclaimer: The BBC and Steven Moffatt own Doctor Who, I'm just playing in the blue box. :)
Feedback will be most welcome.
Rated: Teen.
Cross-posted on Wattpad. (under the name Sherlockian1994)

"Clara, how much do you want to stay, here on the TARDIS?" The Doctor asked.Collapse )

Pre-Series Buffy Fic: My Way 1/1

Title: My Way
Author: horrorfangirl
Fandom: BTVS
Timeline: Pre-Series
Summary: Merrick tries to convince Quentin Travers to allow his godson Rupert Giles to succeed him as his Slayer's Watcher.
Disclaimer: The characters used in this story belong to Joss Whedon, Muntant Enemy & Fox and Co. I own this plot and nothing else.
Rated: Teen

My WayCollapse )

Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller

New Here

Hi Folks!

Well tonight is my first time using Dreamwidth and I'm kind of liking it so far. I think I'll use this journal for my fan-fiction mostly. (I hope anyway). But then again that's what I thought when I first started Livejournal. :( So who knows?

I may just post some of my older Buffy fan fiction here and see how everyone likes it before I post anything new. Just to test the waters so to speak.
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