Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller

New Year and a lot being going on..

So I know that I've hadn't written on here for quite some time. A lot has been going on. I've moved into a new place and have been dealing with other issues as well, such as Christmas and having dental issues. With that done I've been able to deal with settling in and getting to know my room-mates. Now it's been a month and I'm still settling in. Deciding on how decorate my room that sort of thing.

I also decided to hold back on writing a short story that I originally planned to write for this year's WITF writing contest and submit next year. I plan to write a fifteen hundred word story and for me that takes awhile to do. So in the meantime I plan to write some fanfiction. Some SHERLOCK fanfic and some other ones as well including Doctor Who. Just to get my head in the game so to speak.
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